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Three Little Pigs is located in the picturesque rural county side of Lancaster county Pennsylvania. Our company is a new partnership dedicated to preserving the 200 year old Lapp family tradition of making the best tasting, most healthy and innovative scrapple products. Our products include Traditional Scrapple, Scrapp-A-Lean and Pig Pockets and they are all available and delivered fresh throughout the Mid-Atlantic and East North Central United States. 


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What is Scrapple made from?

Three Little Pigs is proud to say that our Scrapple products are made from only the highest quality premium cuts of meat.

Is Scrapple just for breakfast?

Scrapple is a great breakfast food item. At Three Little Pigs we recommend you enjoy scrapple not only for breakfast but for dinner as well. Scrapple compliments any nutrituous meal. See our recipe page for ideas and suggestions.

Where can I purchase Three Little Pigs Scrapple products?

Three Little Pigs scrapple products are available throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. Visit any local grocery chain to buy scrapple. Your neighborhood restaurant also serves scrapple prepared to your liking. Our products are also available at our local farmer's market stands in Central PA and they are available for order via the Order Now page of this web-site